The Sportsman offers all types of shuttles for people, gear, and OHVs. Hikers and OHV riders can get just about anywhere by using our shuttle services. We're also pet friendly, so just let us know if you have a furry companion to add to your shuttle. All of our shuttle services are permitted through the United States Bureau of Land Management and United States Forest Service Gunnison/Rio Grande Districts. Our drivers are professionally licensed, bonded, and insured.

Give us a call (970-944-2526) if you need a lift. We'll work with you to set up times, pick-up/drop-off locations, and so on. 

For Hiker Shuttles
If you prefer to hike on your own (rather than go on one of our awesome guided hikes), but need a ride, The Sportsman offers shuttle services for you and your gear to any local trail head. We're pretty flexible to meet your needs, and can:

  •  Meet you at our store and leave you at your trailhead (most commonly used)
  •  Meet you at your destination trailhead where you will leave your car, and then drive you to the start of your hike.
  •  Pick you up at a trailhead at a specified time and drop you off back at your car or at our store.
  •  Pick you up from your hotel/cabin/campsite, drop you off at a trailhead, and pick you up and take you back to your originating or other position when finished.
  •  Transport your car to your destination trailhead.
  • Use SPOT capabilities to track your progress and pickup
  •  Store supplies while you are on the trail.

Because we are guides in the San Juan Mountains and Rio Grande National Forest, we do not just play taxi when we shuttle you. We give all of our shuttle customers up-to-the-minute information about the area, including weather, animal alerts, and trail conditions. We offer advice on what to bring and what not to bring. We can also show you how to adjust your pack for a perfect fit, unlock the mystery of those puzzling trekking poles, offer strategies on covering miles pain free, and answer any questions you might have to help make your trip perfect.

Shuttles start at a designated place and time agreed upon when you reserve the shuttle. We try to take walk-ins when possible, but cannot guarantee a ride without a reservation.

We will ALWAYS be at a designated destination when we say we will! We are starting our 21st year of operations, and we have never been late for a shuttle. We are also incident free. If we arrive at a destination and you are not there, we wait 45 minutes before we return to the store. Upon return, we alert the authorities as to your missing status. That's because our area is so remote, so wild that accidents can and do happen. We are your link to the outside world when you are hiking and have reserved a shuttle with us, thus we take all late and missing situations seriously. 

Shuttle fee is $40 per car load per hour from the time we leave our store until we arrive back at our store. We have big vehicles though, so more than likely you and your group will fill one vehicle. (We will not fill a vehicle to over-capacity.) 

Shuttle fees do not include shuttle gratuity (which is discretionary), but it averages about 15 percent.

For OHV Shuttles
If you have an OHV (off highway vehicle) of any kind, we can shuttle you; the people in your party; and your machines to any local trail head. Again, we’re permitted, licensed, and insured for this activity.

Alpine Loop OHV Shuttle
The most common request for our OHV shuttling is for the Alpine Loop, where we can take your ATVs, OHVs, and other vehicles from one end of the Alpine Loop to the other. Pickups/Dropoffs are as follows:

  • Engineer Side (CR20): At the entry to Lake City, where the gravel turns to asphalt and a sign indicates that No Unlicensed Vehicles are allowed in the town.
  • Cinnamon Side (CR30): At the south side of Lake San Cristobal, where the gravel turns to asphalt (by the bridge and junction of CR33).

The Alpine Loop service runs daily (7 days/week) throughout the summer and goes from noon to 6 pm. It costs $15 per vehicle. Just give us a call when you see our signs at the above locations. We are usually on one side or the other anyway. (Roundtrips take about 45 minutes.

Other OHV Shuttles
We can also take your machines anywhere in the area. Again just give us a call (970-944-2526) so that we can set up times, pick-up/drop-off locations, and so on.