To protect you and our staff, we follow the recommendations and rules required by the Centers for Disease Control, local authorities, and the State of Colorado. When you’re in the store, we ask that you:

Physical Distance: Please remain at least six (6) feet from other shoppers. Six-foot distances are marked at our check-out line, which is now one-way only with an entrance and an exit.
Wear Masks: Please wear a mask inside the store. If you do not have a mask, you can buy one here. Mask prices range from 50 cents to the Buffs at $23 and above.
Try Not to Touch: Please try not to touch an item unless you intend to purchase it. We know that’s hard to do and remember. Feel free to ask us questions about products and seek help.
Use Hand Sanitizer: Please wash with soap and water before and after you shop; or, use hand sanitizer, which is available at the store
Follow Respiratory Etiquette: Please cough/sneeze into your elbow.
Stay With Your Children: Please always accompany your children throughout the store. Little ones might not understand the need for physical distancing and will forget in their excitement.
Bag Your Own: If you want purchases to be bagged, we provide you with recycled, plastic bags to pack yourself.
Sign Up for Licenses: If more than one party is lined up for licenses, we take your name and call you to the license counter in order when a space opens. You can buy other items at the same time you purchase your license.

Other Sanitation Procedures We Follow
• Capacity: No more than 25 shoppers can be in the store at one time. (Based on a maximum capacity of 66.)
• Checkout: Plastic shielding has been installed where we interact at the checkout line.
• Masks/Gloves: All store employees wear masks. Employees have ready access to sanitizer, soap, and water and are encouraged to wash frequently.
• Temperature Checks: Employees take temperatures before each shift and record them in a log. If anyone has a fever of 100.5 F or show any symptoms of COVID-19, they must get tested and stay home until fully recovered.
• Surfaces: We disinfect frequently-touched surfaces (e.g., countertops, water machine, door handles, and so on) before opening; several times during the day; and at closing. (Credit card keypads are cleaned after each transaction.)
• Fudge Sales: We can no longer provide “sampling” of our homemade fudge nor can we “cut to order.” Prewrapped portions are provided, and you can mix and match them to come up with a selection you desire.
• Returns: We can no longer accept returns or exchanges.

Rental & Guide Services Procedures
• All rental equipment is disinfected between customer use and before it is put away after a rental.
• We expect all guide services to be operational for summer 2020: fly fishing guide trips, 4-WD tours, guided hiking trips, and shuttles (albeit at limited capacities). We comply with all local, state, and BLM/USFS COVID-19 guidelines.
• We disinfect all service vehicles and equipment between trips and before being put away in the evening.
• We require fly fishing and hiking guide customers to meet us at the stream or the trailhead. You may start at the store and follow us to the agreed-upon location.
• We limit loads in group transportation. We also only take private groups of family or friends who have already interacted with each other. Customer groups are not mixed.
• We keep vehicle windows open.
• We require all guides to wear masks; wash hands frequently; and use hand sanitizer.
• We health check all guides prior to all trips and will not allow guides with symptoms to resume work until tested and recovered.
• We decline service and/or remove a guest from a trip if guest:
- Has a temperature of 100.5 F or over, as taken by a contact-less thermometer before the trip
- Has been in close contact with someone known to have COVID-19 during the 14 days prior to a scheduled trip
- Had flu-like symptoms (e.g., fever, cough, sore throat, or shortness of breath) during the 14 days prior to a scheduled trip
• If a guest or staff member develops flu-like symptoms during a trip, we physically distance the individual(s) from the rest of the group (as best we can), disinfect any suspected items or areas of contamination, and have them wear a mask while consulting local agencies about the possibility of an evacuation.
• During a guide trip, we continue to maintain physical distance and work to ensure that equipment is not contaminated.

• We accept health-related cancellations with a full refund or try to reschedule at your convenience.
• Please monitor your own health and opt-out if you are not feeling 100 percent for your guide service trip. We’re all in this together!

REOPENING The Sportsman Outdoors & Fly Shop

To Our Sportsman & Lake City Community:

With the lifting of closures in Colorado, we’re opening our store today (May 20, 2020) for in-store shopping, as well as continued curbside service.

We are closely following all guidance from national, state, and local authorities to ensure your health, as well as that of our staff. We want to make your experience as safe and pleasant as possible. Our employees will be wearing face coverings, and we’re asking that you do as well. It’s a simple thing, and done out of concern and care for ourselves and others. (If you don’t have any, we have some for sell; as well as our standard Buff bandanas.)

Our sanitizers are at the ready, and all of our COVID19 practices are out for you to read, in full display at the store. It’s nothing unusual, just the physical distancing, mask wearing, and hand sanitation new norms, as well as a few others. These new standard practices mean that we might not be able to accommodate as many people in the store as usual, but our team will make sure that we’re there to help you, in the store and at curbside. And as always, we’re happy to ship items to your location.

We also have health and safety practices for all of our services, including all rentals, fly fishing guide trips, guided hikes, scenic tours, and shuttles. These practices are recommended by the state, as well as other authorities with whom we’ve been working in the outdoor recreation arena.

We’re never happier than when serving you! We've been at this since 1998 (and our store has been operating since 1955). We're hoping our ride here in the outdoor industry isn’t over yet, and we want to reach out to all of you who’ve expressed your encouragement and support throughout this stressful time.

Our deepest thanks,
The Sportsman Team













Rolling Update On Response to COVID-19

April 8, 2020

Because of continued concern for the safety and health of our customers and staff, The Sportsman will remain closed through April 30, 2020. The State of Colorado has extended its Stay-At-Home Order through April 26, 2020. We will continue to update on our status and maintain safety.

Again, we are here to help you in any way that we can. Need a river report? Gear suggestions? Or simply want to talk about how Lake City is weathering the storm, email ( or call us (970-944-2526) any time. We will continue to answer our phone, voicemail, and emails daily. We’re happy to ship items to you and even set up reservations for summer trips.


March 26, 2020

To Our Lake City and Sportsman Community:

With the continued outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), we have been constantly looking for ways to help protect the health and safety of our employees and customers. After a great deal of thoughtful deliberation, we are temporarily closing our Lake City store starting Thursday, March 19 through April 11.

Our local governments, Silver Thread Public Health District, Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment have issued orders through April 8 that limit gatherings, close restaurants and bars, and are discouraging visitors to Lake City/Hinsdale County. Additionally, the State of Colorado issued a stay-at-home order beginning March 26 through April 11.

We believe it’s our duty to do all we can to keep one another safe at this extraordinary time. That also means continuing to pay our staff, even while our store is closed. It also means continuing to serve our customers, albeit in a more remote manner.

We are here to help you in any way that we can. Need a river report? Gear suggestions? Or simply want to talk about how Lake City is weathering the storm, email ( or call us (970-944-2526) any time. We will continue to answer our phone, voicemail, and emails daily. We’re happy to ship items to you and even set up reservations for summer trips. 

Deposits are no longer required for trip reservations, so call us to make reservations. (We're still transitioning our website to the new approach, and it's not quite done yet.) Then as we move into the summer, we’ll call you 14 days in advance of your trip, if you have not canceled, to obtain payment.

We have already developed ways to ensure that we are conducting business in the safest way possible. We will continue to improve our methods for both retail store and trip operations.

In this time of anxiety, we encourage everyone to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors … a healing balm like no other. In fact, fishing is probably one of the best “distancing” sports you can undertake on your own.

In the meantime, we are here to help you in any way we can.

Stay safe and stay hopeful as we all endure the next few weeks!

The Sportsman’s Management