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The Sportsman rents premium fly fishing, fishing, boating, biking, camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventure gear for use in the Lake City area. No need to drag them with you from home! We can provide you with all of the gear that you need for a particular trip or just an extra item that you forgot or don't own. Rental timeframes range from half-day to multi-day, depending on the item.


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Pack Grill $11.00 $6.00    Please Call 970-944-2526
Griddle $6.00 $3.00    Please Call 970-944-2526
Coffee Pot $6.00 $3.00    Please Call 970-944-2526
Backpackers Stove $12.00 $6.00    Please Call 970-944-2526
Two-Burner Stove $14.00 $7.00    Please Call 970-944-2526
Dinnerware $12.00 $6.00    Please Call 970-944-2526