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Lake Fork Wadable - At Last!
August 7, 2017 

The Lake Fork of the Gunnison is fishing very well, and with flows at 317 CFS and dropping, the river is wade accessible. Our stoneflies have pretty much finished up for the year, and the focus now is shifting more to caddis and mayfly imitations. That doesn’t mean that a well presented stimulator won’t catch fish, or that a BH Prince, 20 incher, or Tung Teaser won’t produce. Recommended flies are Para Adams, Purple Haze, PMDs, BWOs, Goddard caddis, and elk hair caddis. For nymphs, pheasant tails, copper johns, micro-mayflies, and caddis pupa have been producing well. The terrestrial game is also turning on, and beetles have been fantastic. Hopper action has been a little slow with the cooler weather but they have been producing fish.

Cebolla has seen more pressure than usual this season, and you can tell in the way it fishes.  There is still some great fishing to be had, but stealth should be used when approaching a pool or run.  The fish are still willing to rise to attractor dries, and para adams or an elk hair caddis are our patterns of choice.  A variety of small nymphs will get the job done, such as tung teasers, BH prince, Micro-mayflies, and caddis pupa.  Terrestrials are on as well, with beetles producing fish and hoppers being productive on sunny days.

Henson Creek is starting to turn on.  Dropping flows and warming water temperatures have fish feeding actively.  The dry fly bite is on, especially with Stimulators, Parachute Adams, and Elk Hair caddis.  Also have your terrestrials on hand as the hoppers are flying around.  Nymphs are also productive, with small stoneflies, caddis pupa, pheasant tails, and micro-mayflies.  Small streamers can produce fish on cloudy days. 

Big Blue Creek is fishing well and is an incredible area to spend the day. The brookies are always willing to feed to a well-presented cast. There are also some rainbows and even cutthroat that will add a pleasant surprise to the day. Attractor dries will get the eager brook trout rising.  Nymphs dropped below the dries are always a good compliment for Big Blue and will potentially add some larger fish to the mix.

The Rio and Gunny are still fishing well, even after seeing a lot of float pressure. The bite has shifted to caddis and mayflies.  Popular flies our guides use this time of year include Para Adams, Goddard caddis, elk hair caddis, beetles, and hoppers.  Micro-mayflies, caddis pupa, pheasant tails, lightning bugs, BH prince, and Tung teasers will catch fish.  Midges are also very much in play this time of year.  Preferred color is black, but olive and red will produce some action.  Rainbow warriors are one of our guide favorites this time of year.

The area lakes continue to fish well, although they have seen some summer-time pressure. For bait fishermen, try power bait or salmon eggs. For spin fishermen, Mepps, Panther Martins, and Rapalas will yield fish. For fly fishermen, light tippet and small dries will take rising fish in the lakes.  Woolly Buggers and streamer patterns are also a great way to go and may produce some giants.

The area waters are really fishing well. If you are new to the area and would like to learn the water, or are a beginner and would like to learn to fly fish, our experienced guides would love to show you the area. Regardless, come on into the shop and we will be happy to help with the latest information.

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