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Waters High But Dropping; Cebolla On Fire!
June 25, 2017

The Lake Fork of the Gunnison is still very high and off colored, with flows at 1,040 CFS as of today.  That doesn’t mean fishing is out of the picture. Fish are focused on the edges of the river with the high flows, so they are reachable. Going with big nymphs this time of year is always a good choice. BH Princes, Tung Teasers, 20 Inchers, and Pats Rubber Legs will get the job done. Don’t be afraid to add some San Juan Worms to the mix either. Streamers can be productive but will be limited by the inability to cover water.   Exercise EXTREME caution when fishing the Lake Fork.

Henson Creek is high, muddy, and running cold. The fish are hunkered down for the most part, although you may get a few to take some well-presented nymphs run deep. I would recommend fishing another creek for the time being. If you do fish Henson, exercise extreme caution with the flows. 

Cebolla Creek is really fishing well. Hatches throughout the day provide for some excellent dry fly opportunities. The golden stones have been coming off in large numbers, so look to use a yellow or orange stimulator. If the dry bite is slow and you want to add a dropper, BH Princes, Pheasant Tails, Tung Teasers, 20 inchers, Copper John’s, and Micro-Mayflies will all do the trick.

Big Blue Creek is also running high and still pretty cold. That being said, the ability to catch large numbers of rainbows and brook trout is there. On warm, sunny days, the dry fly action can turn on.  Look to go size 14-18 on Stimulators, Parachute Adams, Tarantulas, Yellow Sally’s, and Mosquitos.  For nymphs, look to the Lightning Bug, BH Prince, Tung Teaser, Pheasant Tails, Micro-Mayflies, and Caddis pupa to produce. 

The Gunnison and Rio Grande have been fishing well, with flows high and fish willing. We do not recommend trying to wade either river right now, so try and stick to the edges. Fish will be looking for big, bushy, attractor dry flies so pick up some Stimulators, Chubbys Hoppers, and Foam Salmon flies. For nymphs, stay with the big stone fly nymphs, such as Tung Teasers, 20 inchers, and BH Prince Nymphs.

The area lakes continue to fish well, particularly early or late in the day. For Deer Lakes, try garlic power bait, salmon eggs, or live worms.  A variety of spinners, such as Panther Martins or Mepps Spinners will also catch fish. Fly fishermen should use small dries and light tippets for the best success. Favorite patterns are small Parachute Adams, Mosquitos, or BWOs. Lake San Cristobal has been fishing much the same; however, there is a chance that throwing bigger lures like Rapalas or bigger streamers if you are a fly fisherman may produce some large fish.

The area fishing is going strong, despite challenging water conditions.  If you are new to fly fishing, or are new to the area, our seasoned guides would love to show you the waters.  Terrestrial season is an exciting time to be on the water, so don’t miss out on the action!

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